I am still alive

He was supposed to come back home for a week; he won’t. He cannot travel.

He is there; I am not. I cannot travel.

He is playing with the red ninja “fire” robot I bought him as a present for his birthday. I was supposed to build it with him. I couldn’t. I was supposed to play with him. I can’t.

I am stuck here. I cannot tell you why yet.

But my friends? Where are they? Why are they not checking up on me? Why are they avoiding my messages? Entertaining doubts about someone they know for at least 7 years – in some cases for over several decades? Did I get leprosy without even realizing it? Am I contagious?

Apparently, I am. But I’ll tell you a secret. I am alive. I will be alive – if only to be able to look at right into their eyes when this is over.


2 thoughts on “I am still alive

  1. Yazinizi okurken cok uzuldum. Ne yazacagimi bilemedim, iyi dileklerimi, dualarimi buraya birakip gidecegim. Allah Luca’ya sifa versin, uzun omurler nasib etsin. Size de bu surecte guc, kuvvet versin. Hepiniz bir arada mutlu, saglikli bir hayat yasayin umarim


  2. This article tore me to pieces, my heart aches 😔 I hope you can be together very soon and play as much as he wishes! Sending love to you both…
    ps: pls let us know about the progress and when financial support campaign needed.


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