A life like no other (in pictures)


When you are attached to IV pumps which release the “toxic cure”, and you feel nauseous and weary…


There is not much to do other than playing Minecraft on i-pad or building legos…


You eat whatever you find, hoping that he “eats” too while empty cups and plates are staring at you… You feel blessed when Barncancerfonden (The Cancer Foundation) brings good food every Wednesday…


You pass through “children’s books” (!) that explain cancer to 5-6 year olds in a way they could make sense of it… And adult books that try to teach you “how to live with cancer”…


Ending up in “sköljrum” (the special rinsing/cleaning room) to leave the urine and sometimes other bodily secretions of the loved one…

You hear Louis Armstrong’s unmistakably raspy voice in your head “and [you] think to [your]self what a wonderful [life]” this is.


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