Our big little man

The roller-coaster that we call our life has presented us with a few surprises since we last posted here. Slowly, but resolutely, Luca recovered from his first chemo and even managed to receive a second, reduced, dose without suffering much. As we were preparing to head off to Barcelona to start the immunotherapy, we got […]

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Agua con gas

Agua sin gas – the Spanish version of “still water”. The staple beverage of myriad cultures, one that goes with every meal, at lunch or dinner unlike carbonated, sparkling drinks which are believed to corrupt the savour of the meal. Pure and healthy. To be consumed in large quantities if you want a fit body. […]

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I am still alive

He was supposed to come back home for a week; he won’t. He cannot travel. He is there; I am not. I cannot travel. He is playing with the red ninja “fire” robot I bought him as a present for his birthday. I was supposed to build it with him. I couldn’t. I was supposed […]

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Barcelona, Fred, Barcelona

I don’t remember when I first came to Barcelona. Was it before Fred decided to settle here in late 2000s, or was it after, to visit him? I do remember vividly the conversations we had in London though, which almost always ended with a discussion on where to settle after his retirement. He didn’t want […]

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Again (update from Luca)

Unfortunately, Luca is not stable anymore. After four months of “normality”, the disease is back with a vengeance. He was taken off the LA trial, and after an intense weekend of email traffic among oncologists from four countries, we brought Luca to Hospital Sant Joan de Deu in Barcelona which offers the treatment developed by […]

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