Poetry is loving… Silently


Friendship or love involves opening up.

Baring the heart of one to let in the fire of the other.

It is self-obliteration in favour of the other.

Where there is a seed of suspicion there is distrust.

Where both are rock-bottom weak and harmless,

There will grow a joint strength to protect the duo.

Since even I distrust myself at times, most times

A friendship that gives one some other soul

Who is as foolish as one is just too good to miss.


Dedicated to those whose love crosses the boundaries of “time and space”…

Taban Lo Liyong, untitled, in The Words that Melt a Mountain

In silence, poetry (re)unites…


the truth – don’t they say? – is painful

and needs, you know, your blood

needs your wounds

only through these will the life you sought in vain

pass – if it ever does pass through –

together with the wind’s whistling and ghosts



To the one stranded on an island, sharing a similar predicament…