Questions about dying

I have never heard of Cory Taylor, the Australian author who died of melanoma on July 5, 2016, until I read the excerpt from her last book, Dying: A Memoir in The New Yorker. I remember reading the excerpt about six months ago, mesmerized, and yet – or precisely because I was mesmerized – I […]

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“But reality is diabolical”

“I understand, all right. The hopeless dream of being – not seeming, but being. At every waking moment, alert. The gulf between what you are with others and what you are alone. The vertigo and the constant hunger to be exposed, to be seen through, perhaps even wiped out. Every inflection and every gesture a […]

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Nothing compares to you

Let’s get on with the theme, shall we? I had written in one of my previous posts, “Black”, that some songs become synonymous with a period or a moment of our lives. They come and go, rather quickly, like most feelings that are subject to the whims of time. Sometimes you revisit them just to […]

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