I am tired

Your wheels are turning but you’re upside down You say when he hits you, you don’t mind Because when he hurts you, you feel alive Is that what it is Red lights, gray morning You stumble out of a hole in the ground A vampire or a victim It depends on who’s around — Faraway, […]

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It doesn’t feel like anything else. I feel like someone who has been unconscious for years and has suddenly woken up to another reality, another world I am unfamiliar with. As everything else is so new, so alien – and since I cannot remember the past – I don’t now know what to do, or […]

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Our big little man

The roller-coaster that we call our life has presented us with a few surprises since we last posted here. Slowly, but resolutely, Luca recovered from his first chemo and even managed to receive a second, reduced, dose without suffering much. As we were preparing to head off to Barcelona to start the immunotherapy, we got […]

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Agua con gas

Agua sin gas – the Spanish version of “still water”. The staple beverage of myriad cultures, one that goes with every meal, at lunch or dinner unlike carbonated, sparkling drinks which are believed to corrupt the savour of the meal. Pure and healthy. To be consumed in large quantities if you want a fit body. […]

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A life like no other (in pictures)

When you are attached to IV pumps which release the “toxic cure”, and you feel nauseous and weary… There is not much to do other than playing Minecraft on i-pad or building legos… You eat whatever you find, hoping that he “eats” too while empty cups and plates are staring at you… You feel blessed […]

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Polluted by memories

Like everyone else, I have favourite movies, directors, writers, songs and song writers, and I keep returning to them in a cyclical way, not regularly, without following a particular routine, but often enough to discern a pattern. If you happen to know me in real life or follow this blog, you must have already noticed […]

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Trapped in Sweden

I came to Sweden several times between 2007 and 2011, even spent a few months working in both Lund and Malmö. It was only in September 2011, however, that I have come to stay for longer than a few months, initially for a year, without having a clue that I would end up settling here. […]

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