“Pain is just is”

I wanted to write about “pain” for some time now, both physical and emotional pain, but it was not the right time for it. I wasn’t inspired or perhaps I didn’t have enough experience of pain to write about it It is somewhat odd for me to say this aloud as I firmly believed until […]

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A love like no others

A dark hospital room illuminated only by the dim light emanating from the IV drip he is attached to day and night, the silence interrupted by the odd beeping of the machines when the quiet flow of the “toxic cure” is blocked. A frail, pain-stricken body tossing and turning in bed restlessly, hugging a brown […]

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Poetry is loving… Silently

3. Friendship or love involves opening up. Baring the heart of one to let in the fire of the other. It is self-obliteration in favour of the other. Where there is a seed of suspicion there is distrust. Where both are rock-bottom weak and harmless, There will grow a joint strength to protect the duo. […]

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