An announcement from Luca and me

It has been many moons since I last updated you on my journey with Luca. I should have said my journey “to” Luca for I have long been on temporary ground, devoid of memories, a floating lily island moving over slowly sideways. Thank heavens, Luca has been there for me, taking my hand and guiding me towards his light whenever I felt lost. Giving me the strength I needed to resume our projects.

I am thus happy to inform you that we have now started the process of establishing a non-profit foundation in his name, Luca Can Foundation, to raise awareness on and to help kids with neuroblastoma and their parents.

I have also started writing our story, the ups and downs of his struggle against the debilitating disease, the miracles we have witnessed along the way and, most importantly, his endless joie de vivre. The book will be entitled The Book of Luca. Death is Boring, Living is Fun, include excerpts from his mother’s blog and previously unshared pics of him, and published by a major publisher in Turkey. All the income generated from the book (and possible editions in English and other languages) will accrue to the foundation to help further our cause.

Finally, though put on hold for lack of finances, we have not abandoned the idea of shooting the documentary, Like Son Like Father, and working towards securing funding which would enable us to keep on with it.

Lots of love from me and Luca.

* The parts in italics are excerpts from the lyrics of Jack White song Temporary Ground.

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